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Selected Literary

The Experience of Being a Cathedral, Lettuce Run Books (2021).

Online Journal Publications

Spoken by My Uncle in a Circle of Kitchen Light.” The Rupture (2022).

July Lyric.” The Rupture (2022).

“Search Field.” FIVES: a Companion to Denver Quarterly (2020).

“October 7, 2016: Perfect Mind.” Whale Road Review (2020).

“[My ancestors are empty words], no pencil.” Poem-a-Day, Academy of American Poets (2020).

“Devotion Road.” Bear Review (2020).

“To One Bred for Ornament.” New Square (2019).

“Wulf and Eadwacer/Daylight is Our Evidence.” Boston Review (2017).

“Cello.” The Missouri Review (2011).

Print Publications

“[My ancestors are empty words], My ancestors are empty words.” Poetry Northwest (2022).

“[My ancestors are empty words], no woman narrowed.” Poetry Northwest (2022).

“[My ancestors are empty words], The Concussed Foreign Agent wakes.” Laurel Review (2022).

“To a Soldier.” december (2014).

“Roland’s Mother Bakes.” december (2014).

“Vesper.” Angle (2014).

“Mystai, Initiates.” Mid-American Review (2013).

“What the Fence Said.” Barrow Street (2012).

 “Statuette from the Begram Hoard, 1-22 AD.” The Brooklyner (2012).

“Without Shade Tree.” The Brooklyner (2012).

“Lawn Scene.” North Dakota Quarterly (2012).

“Cicadas.” North Dakota Quarterly (2012).

“Magnolia.” Poetry Ireland Review (2010).

“The Daffodils.” Poetry Ireland Review (2010).

Reviews, introductions, interviews, misc.

“Nathalie Handal: A No-State Solution in Poetry,” Warscapes Dec. 19, 2019.

“Introduction to Carl Phillips.” Wallace Stevens Poetry Program. University of Connecticut, Storrs, March 2016.

“Introduction to Ari Banias’ Anybody. McNally Jackson Books, New York, NY, October 2016.


Preface and Chapter 1, Water Matters: A Design Manual for Water Conservation in Buildings. New York: City of New York, 2011. (pdf download)

Preface and co-author, Sustainable New York: Implementing Sustainable Design in the City’s Public Works. New York: City of New York, 2010. (pdf download)

Susan Drew & Signe Nielsen,edited by Kerry Carnahan. Sustainable Urban Sites. New York: City of New York, 2008. (pdf download)

Susan Drew & Signe Nielsen, edited by Kerry Carnahan. DDC Cool & Green Roofing Manual. New York: City of New York, 2007. (pdf download)

Hillary Brown, Stephen A. Caputo, Jr., Kerry Carnahan, & Signe Nielsen, High Performance Infrastructure Guidelines. New York: City of New York, 2005. (pdf download)